Stitched! Crafting a Successful Design Business

This book was designed as an easy reference manual for designers. The text for the book – which came from AIGA and various other design sources – is there to help the designer with running his or her design business. It covers invoicing, copyright law, design briefs, and everything else that a design professional must know.

When I imagine a successful design business, I think about all the separate departments that make up the business. It’s only when all these separate parts come together and work cohesively that the business is successful. This idea led me to sewing kits which, much like a business, is made up of separate parts that come together to create one functioning entity. Throughout the book, I compare a design business to sewing kits. To communicate this metaphor, I used vintage sewing kit covers as well as hand-stitched details and binding.






AIGA Design Business + Ethics


—  French Paper, Dur-o-Tone in butcher off white
—  Embroidery thread