Starry Eyed: A History of the Heavens

How do you visualize a podcast? That was the problem at hand when designing this hand-made book. Starry Eyed: A History of the Heavens is a visual representation of a Backstory radio broadcast of the same name. The book and radio broadcast recount five stories pertaining to the history of space and stars.

The pacing of this book is set to the astrological calendar, beginning with Aries and ending with Pisces. Each of the five stories in Starry Eyed is assigned a zodiac sign based on the characteristics of the sign and the contents of the story. Since each zodiac sign has different attributes, each story has its own look and feel. The vintage imagery, hand-made cover, and letterpressed title reinforce the antique, mystical nature of the recounted tales.






“Starry-Eyed: A History of
the Heavens” by BackStory
Listen here


—  French Paper, Dur-o-Tone in butcher white
—  Bookcloth, book board, waxed thread
—  Pantone Silver 877