Avanti Press, Inc

Avanti Press is an international greeting card company based out of Detroit, MI. They approached the College for Creative Studies’ graphic design department to reimagine their corporate image. I worked as leader of a team of four to brainstorm, concept, plan, and design a fresh, contemporary new brand for Avanti.

Our identity system for Avanti emerged out of the act of giving greeting cards. You hand someone a greeting card, they laugh, and it creates a special moment between the two of you. Each different smiley face and speech bubble is related to this three part act of card giving, and is also used to differentiate between the branches of the Avanti brand.




—  Keeping team organized and on brand
—  Collaborative brainstorming
—  Creation of custom Avanti wordmark, speech bubbles,
and smiley faces
—  Design of brand guides book