Kirsten Schwenzer is a graphic designer born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. A true millennial, she taught herself HTML, CSS, and Photoshop in grade school so she could design her own LiveJournal/MySpace layouts and assets. It wasn’t until her high school art class that she learned about graphic design and realized that what she’s had fun doing for years was an actual career. Fast forward to 2014, Kirsten graduated from the College for Creative Studies with her BFA in graphic design. Her time at CCS instilled in her a passion for branding, love for typography, DIY work ethic, and design thinking methodologies. Design is visual problem solving and has the capability to be a real catalyst for social change—that’s why she’s a graphic designer.

Kirsten also loves practicing yoga and transcendental meditation, binge watching Netflix, and cuddling with her fur baby, Oakley.


“Boyfriend” – Best Coast


In Progress, Jessica Hische


Stranger Things